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» » » » How to create a nameless folder

Many people think that it is impossible to create a Nameless folder. welll i would like to tell you that it is possible. 
In this small tutorial i will show you a smilpe way to do that. Though basically you can not make folder with no name on windows. 
This trick works on any windows operating system.

Before attempting this trick, try to make a folder with no name and you will fail to do so. This is what this trick will let you do. Below is screenshot of folder before and after doing this interesting trick.

Steps area as follows

1.Create a Newfolder on desktop or where ever you want.

2.Right click on this newly created folder and select Rename.

3.Erase the text showing "New Folder".

4.Now keep Pressing Alt (i.e alter key) and type 255. If you are on laptop 
   thenyou need to enable your Num Lock and type from the highlighted
      number keys not from those below function keys.

5.After that leave alt key and Press enter.

6.Done you just created nameless folder.

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