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» » » » » Computer buying guide for average users and heavy users

First ask your self what do you need the computer for?

I have grouped users into two main groups. Average users and Heavy users.

Through these users you will be able to know which group do you belong and as well which computer you should buy.

Lest start with average users

well average users are the type of users who only use a computer for small purposes or they just use the computer to time to time. They do not require a computer with average and minimum requirements or specifications.  

They will need the computer for the following uses

  • To type and prepare documents.
  • To use multimedia. eg Music and videos.
  • To browse in the Internet.
  • To view images

Now lets know the heavy users

these are the users who user most of the computer resources, hence the need a computer with high specifications to meet their demands. examples of these users are graphic designers, music producers,video producers and gamers.

They will need the computer for the following uses

  • To produce music.
  • To produce high graphics. eg Images and videos.
  • Foe playing pc games.
note: these needs are just examples to help u differentiate between these two groups of users. there are so many other uses.

Now that u know what type of user you are. lets see the recommended specifications.

Computer specifications For Average users.


Hard Disk space: 300 GB

ProcessorDual core 1.3 GHz

System: 32 bit Operating system

Computer specifications For Heavy users.

RAM:  4 GB

Hard Disk space: 500 GB

ProcessorDual core 2.13 GHz

System: 64 bit Operating system

Remember the higher the specification of the computer, the higher its price increases. you can purchase a more specified computer than these specified here according to your needs and depth of your pocket.


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