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» » » » » » » How to unlock Huawei Modem E153u-2

I present you with huawei modem unlocker which can unlock most of the huawei family modems. This software can generate unlocking codes and also has the ability to unlock the modem automatically. 

But this I will only show you how to unlock Huawei Modem E153u-2 For areason because most people had problems on unlocking this modem.

Don't worry or panic because for all other huawei modems you want to unlock you will follow the same steps as well

Lets get started shall we... Follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Download Huawei Unlocker known as Huawei modem unlocker by Bojs 5.7.1. Don't run or install yet. 

Step 2

Insert the sim card you want to use then connect your modem with your computer. Then the dashboard/net connection manager of the modem will automatically run. Close this fist we don't need it for now.

Step 3

Now open Huawei Modem Unlocker by Bjos (Which doesn't need installation by the way), After afew seconds it will detect the modem connectautomatically, if it doesnot then close it and re ope the unlocker. If the problem is not overcomed then choose "Auto connection" once you have opend the unlocker then close it and open again.

Step 4

After the modem is detected click the calculate button to read the flash code for your modem. like in the image below

Step 5

Then Click Unlock button to unlock the modem

Step 6

After the above steps you will see in Results screen that "SIM in Modem is Accepted. Unlocked". This means you have succefully unlocked your Modem and now you can use any other sim card with your modem.

Step 7

Now close Huawei Modem Unlocker Software and open the modem dashboard. Creat a new profile as per your network provider and enjoy the network.

note: if the modem doesnot promt you to enter the unlock code. then the unlock will not be permanent. this means you will have to repeat the process once you want to use the modem again. This will be specified by the software so dont panic

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