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» » » » » » New Android App released by Dropbox

This week, Dropbox released a refreshing new version of its Android app. The all new Dropbox 3.0 can be downloaded from Google Play. If you don’t see it in your Play store yet, don’t worry, the company said it’s “rolling out over the next few days.” The app has been redesigned to follow Google’s Material Design mantra and Dropbox has emphasized that it is “better, faster, and more usable.”

The newly redesigned app features a user interface that is more seamless as compared to previous versions. The app also includes a new spot for the company’s search function, based directly on top of the app’s interface. Features like these are important for power users who need the ability to quickly sift through large amounts of files. Folders have a new “plus” button that allows users to take photos that will upload directly into the specific folder. Dropbox notes that this feature can be particularly useful when saving whiteboard notes, but it seems like something that can be useful for most anything.Photos snapped when using the new folder’s “plus” button will go straight to Dropbox and save space on your device.

In addition to this feature, Dropbox’s newly redesigned Android app has also gained a new search icon in the top menu that’s always available, easier browsing capabilities, and easier navigating through simple right-and-left swiping. Common file actions and sharing controls are all in the same place across the app now and the file list shows shared folder members, modification dates, and file and folder locations.

Clearly there is much more than just a visual refresh happening here. Dropbox for Android is now much more functional (and undeniably more pleasing on the eyes). Dropbox has been working to leave a bigger mark on the business world and with this Android app refresh, in addition to the recent launch of a new tool that allows users to request files from non-Dropbox users, we are getting a glimpse into the company’s mission to figure out what the next generation of file sharing will look like.

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