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» » » » » » How to Save iPad Battery Life

If you love your iPad and use it 24 hours a day, you’ll want your iPad battery to last as long as it possibly can. Small tweaks on your iPad settings can definitely save a few hours of battery life and keep you playing or working longer on your iPad. There is nothing worse than seeing a low battery message pop up just when you’re in the middle of something really important. The funny thing is, all these tips are very similar tosaving your laptop battery life but of course the settings are in a different place completely.
Here are 10 Simple Tips To Prolong iPad Battery Life

#1. Turn iPad Screen Off When Not Using

When you walk away from your iPad you want it to log out and go to sleep to save your iPad battery life. If you don’t tweak this simple setting your iPad battery can quickly fade away.
Here are two easy options:
#1. Lock The iPad When Cover Is Closed
1. Go to your iPad settings.
ipad settings icon
2. Scroll down the menu and click on general.
3. You will see the the option to Lock/Unlock. If you turn this on your iPad will be auto locked when you close the iPad case.
ipad lock when cover closed
#2. Auto Lock iPad Without Closing Case
Depending on the case you have, the first option may not work for you or you might forget to close your case. So this is the backup auto lock iPad option.
1. Open settings as above.
2. Tap on general in the settings menu.
3. Tap on the Auto-Lock option to set a time on this locking option. For example I have chosen 2 minutes so this means if I am not using my iPad, after two minutes it will log out and therefore save power.

#2. Turn down The Brightness  – Save iPad Battery Life

This option is a killer for me, especially if I leave my iPad open and it’s not set to sleep if I leave it, the brightness can really suck the life out of my iPad.
There are a few ways to turn down the brightness on an iPad. One way is to swipe one finger upwards from the bottom of the screen to open the Control center on the iPad.
When you have opened the control center you can simply turn the brightness down, along with the sound and a number of other options.
The second way to turn down the brightness is to enter the Ipad settings.
  1. Go to the main apps desktop and look for the settings icon.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Display & Brightness.
  3. You will see the brightness options right there.
ipad brightness
Also watch out on the auto-brightness option. Your brightness may to adjusted without you even knowing.

#3. Turn Airplane Mode ON

Look what happens when you enable Airplane Mode on an iPad. You will see that it actually disables all communication in and out. The Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth are both disabled and therefore not wasting your iPad battery.
If you’re not using your internet or Bluetooth then shutting them off is not only good for your iPad battery life but it will also keep your iPad secure.
airplanemode ipad

#4. Install Minimal Apps

Imagine an iPad with loads of Apps downloaded and compare this to one that has basically none. Of course the one with all the Apps will be an active and probably slow iPad. All of those Apps would require updating at different times
You can simply avoid installing Apps, but if it is too late then you can just as easily remove the ones you have.

#5. Disable Background App Refresh

Updating Apps that you have installed uses your bandwidth and battery power and sometimes your iPad is updating Apps that you don’t even use often. To stop background App refresh off you only need to enter the settings, go to general settings, scroll down to background App refresh. Tap on this option to either turn this feature off completely or just stop individual Apps from refreshing.
If we use the Facebook App as an example, if left open it would be refreshing with new content continually. This is sucking your iPad battery power without you knowing.

#6. Turn Off Siri – Save iPad Battery Life

Siri is that fantastic feature on an iPad where you can ask questions and give tasks to your own personal assistant. If you have IOS 8 you can also enable the “Hey Siri” option where Siri will start when you say “Hey Siri”.
Basically if you have no use for this feature you should turn it off as any App or feature running all the time will use battery power.
disable siri on ipad

#7. Turn Off Apps That Are Still Running

Sometimes we get carried away and have all the Apps we have recently used still open. We forget they are there, still running and still using your precious iPad power.
To see what Apps are running, simply press the home button on the iPad twice. Then you will be able to see all open Apps and swipe from left to right to see more. If you want to close one simply flick it towards the sky or up and it will be gone.

Extra Tips To Save iPad Battery Life

  1. Let your battery run out completely ever so often and then charge it completely to 100% without disturbance.
  2. Don’t leave your charger plugged in when your iPad is already charged.
  3. Disable GPS location services. Simply enter settings, scroll down past general settings until you get to privacy. Tap that then you will see location services.

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